Tobacco Distributor Alex Goldman to Serve Three Years in Prison for Tax Fraud


Court documents revealed that the House of Oxford conspired with several individuals and businesses in California to provide tens of millions of dollars in untaxed other tobacco products (OTP) to businesses, knowing that those products would be sold illegally in California. Court documents state that Goldman and his company defrauded the state of California out of approximately $14 million in tobacco excise tax revenue.

A large portion of the excise tax collected from tobacco products in California are used to fund the state’s early childhood development program, First 5 California. The $14 million collected from House of Oxford and Goldman through this case were returned to the State of California through the U.S. Department of Justice’s remission program.

“This partnership has helped California recover approximately $14 million,” said California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Director Nick Maduros. “The CDTFA, in collaboration with law enforcement, is committed to recovering revenue lost to tax evasion and fraud in order to help fund the vital public services on which Californians rely.”