Preparing for the FDA’s Tobacco Ingredient Listing Compliance Deadline


For manufacturers of e-liquids, one listing can be submitted if the tobacco products are identical in chemical composition to one another or if they are identical in chemical composition to one another except the quantities of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and/or nicotine differ.

Ingredient lists can be submitted in several different ways:

  • Entered into the eSubmitter (as instructed in the software)
  • Submitted manually via the CTP-provided spreadsheets (good for manufacturers with only a few products or those who don’t have complex ingredients)
  • Entered and submitted through one of the FDA’s alternative product-specific spreadsheets and in the eSubmitter
  • Submitted through your own spreadsheet that lists all product, ingredient, and component information.
  • Submitted via snail mail to the CTP’s Document Control Center

For additional resources and tools to help understand the requirements of the ingredient listing for tobacco products, click here. To review the recently revised “Guidance for Industry: Listing of Ingredients in Tobacco Products” document from the FDA, click here.