Camacho Cigars Announces Return Camp Camacho

Camp Camacho by Camacho Cigars

After a ten-year hiatus, Camacho Cigars is bringing back Camp Camacho. This bold new factory experience will run from February to April 2018, offering guests a chance to experience Camacho’s new manufacturing facility and guest house located in the center of Honduras’ tobacco region.

“Camp Camacho is a cigar journey like no other,” says Dylan Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Davidoff of Geneva USA. “We’ve dialed up every aspect of what Camp Camacho was in the past, focusing on the unique experiences we can bring cigar aficionados and adventure lovers from across the globe. Camp Camacho is an experience that not only grows your appreciation for premium cigars, it is also a platform that forges life-long friendships. Once you’ve been to Camp Camacho, you become part of the brotherhood forever. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating adventure for anyone that is passionate about cigars.”