22 New Anti-Tobacco State Legislative Bills


Minnesota: Senate File 1271, companion to House File 904, prohibits the sale of all flavored tobacco and vape products (includes menthol, mint and wintergreen).

Mississippi: House Bill 1439 increases the tax on cigarettes by $.50 per pack, increases the OTP tax an additional 10 percent of the manufacturer’s list price and includes electronic cigarettes and alternative nicotine products in the definition of tobacco to impose the increased OTP of 25 percent of the manufacturer’s list price on vapor products. HB1439 was introduced on February 22, 2021, passed the House on Feb. 23, 2021, and was transmitted to the Senate on Feb. 24, 2021.

New York: Senate Bill 5098 prohibits the sale of flavored self-contained, disposable vapor products. Senate Bill 5106 (same as A637) prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes that contain certain toxic metals, requires the DOH to establish a list of prohibited toxic metals and requires the DOH to study the long-term effects of using electronic cigarette. Assembly Bill 5700 requires electronic cigarettes and e-liquid products be sold in separate specific locations where only persons age 21 or older are allowed to enter.

Rhode Island: House Bill 5633 (same as SB258) authorizes towns and cities to regulate the use and sale of cigarettes, other tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems. House Bill 5716 prohibits the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies.

Utah: House Bill 429 increases criminal penalties on employees or owners of tobacco retailers who sell tobacco or vapor products to underage persons.

West Virginia: House Bill 2519 repeals the provision that prohibits employers from discriminating for use of tobacco products.

Wisconsin: Assembly Bill 98 and Senate Bill 111 (Governor’s Budget Proposal) contain several provisions relating to tobacco and vapor products, including a DHS public health campaign, increasing the age to 21 to purchase tobacco products, a license requirement to sell vape products, prohibits vaping indoors and near schools, imposes the “Manufacturer’s List Price Tax” of 71 percent of the manufacturer’s list price on vapor products, and redefines “little cigars” to tax these products at the same rate as cigarettes, and establishes a definition for “Manufacturer’s List Price.”

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