Year-end Troop Support

    Operation: Cigars for Warriors reviews all of the different businesses and individuals who have devoted time and resources to support its charitable mission and offers easy ways for anyone to contribute to the cause.


    He said to us, “I really want to do this collaboration project because I believe in CFW’s cause and because the troops defend my f*cking freedom.” What is really special about this collaboration is that Caldwell is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to CFW! Our organization is not the only charity that Lost & Found has done this with. Caldwell came up with this project because of CFW, but he has already extended it out to other charities he believes in. Caldwell and those at Lost & Found are dedicated to supporting their favorite causes without hesitation and definitely without profit. Details will be forthcoming very soon, and it is possible that you may even read about it in the next issue of Tobacco Business.

    Also coming very soon, we are hoping to announce our first Operation: Cigars for Warriors coffee. Most of the details are not forthcoming yet, but this will be another collaboration where a significant portion of the profits will go toward benefiting our charity. On top of that, for each bag sold another bag will be donated and sent to the troops through our organization. When CFW conducted its three-year survey of what the deployed men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces wanted, cigars were easily the No. 1 desire by a wide margin, with coffee being their second-most requested item. CFW has been able to send a good amount of coffee to the troops, but not every package gets coffee. CFW has continued to work very hard to make it a reality that every single warrior package that goes out has both premium cigars and premium coffee in addition to the other goodies included in each care package.

    Upcoming Events and Opportunities
    CFW continues to take part in many virtual meetups, interviews and events. We are very excited to announce that on Nov. 14, Drew Estate will be hosting its virtual Barn Smoker event. Drew Estate had to cancel its in-person 2020 Barn Smoker events because of COVID-19, a move that has greatly impacted CFW because the organization receives a large portion of its annual donations from these events. Drew Estate has announced that it will be generously donating $50,000 to CFW during the virtual Barn Smoker. This company continues to lead the way in its support of CFW. To date, Drew Estate has never asked anything of CFW beyond how they can assist us. Because of Drew Estate, over 70 percent of the cigar industry—including manufacturers, magazines and cigar retail shops—have supported CFW in one way or another in donations.

    Cigars for Warriors: Year-End Troop Support

    There are several more CFW-related events that are happening in the last quarter of this year. If you want to know more, go to and submit your email address to begin receiving the monthly newsletter from our organization. You can also follow the Operation: Cigars for Warriors Facebook page to get daily updates. These are the easiest ways to learn about upcoming events, projects, collaborations and fun fundraisers that support the charity. If you are looking to be a partner of CFW or are interested in a collaboration or a sponsorship, contact CFW’s senior vice chair, Trey Boring, at

    If you shop on Amazon, then there is a very easy way to support your favorite charity, such as Operation: Cigars for Warriors, with its Smile program. It literally costs you nothing, and the hardest part of it is just remembering to use the new web address,, when you go to purchase something on Amazon. This is an easy opportunity to do something that will have a serious impact throughout the year. All you have to do is go to and set your favorite charity. After that, you just have to remember to use the same web address when you’re ready to make a purchase on Amazon. When you spend money on Amazon Smile, your chosen charity­—like CFW—will get a small donation. It adds up, even if you think that your contributions are not very much. Smoke, relax, and remember our deployed servicemen and servicewomen as we go into a new year.

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    Contributed by Storm Boen, Chairman, Operation: Cigars for Warriors