United Cigars Bringing Red Anchor Cigars Back this July


Red Anchor became a brand with a heavy presence in the Netherlands. After the brand celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1922, the brand added the tagline, “150-Year-Old and New Taste” was introduced. During this year, an abundance of tobacco manufacturing licenses were issued which led to an increase in competition. A new law on excise taxes was implemented which created a burden for Red Anchor. By 1928, the success of Red Anchor was gradually deteriorating due to increase operating costs. Production was increased which led to a larger stock of raw materials and finished products. The increased excise tax caused cashflow shortages. Even after cost saving measures were introduced, problems continued for Red Anchor and the business closed in March 1937.

United Cigar has partnered with the Kelner Family to blend these cigars. The initial launch will be limited to just 250 boxes of 25 cigars. The2022 production will come in one size, a 6 x 54 vitola named the American with a suggested retail price of $25 per cigar, or $625 for a box. Red Anchor is a medium bodied cigar. Details of the blend will be announced at the PCA trade show.

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