TPE 2019 Exhibitor Profile: Ventura Cigar Company

TPE 2019 Exhibitor Profile: Ventura Cigar Company

An interview with Michael Giannini, general manager and creative director of Ventura Cigar Company, who is a 37-year veteran in the cigar industry.

Ventura Cigar Co. to Launch Archetype Fantasy Mini-Series at IPCPR 2018Tobacco Business: What products will you be exhibiting and what distinguishes them in the market? What are your goals for the show?
We’ve had much success with our Archetype cigars in this last year, which we think is attributable to their exceptional blends and premium quality that’s really accessible to anyone, whether they’re a cigar expert without a budget or a novice cautiously entering the market. Four of the five Archetype blends have already received high industry ratings, and people are beginning to take notice of the others as well. At TPE 2019, we’re hoping to increase the visibility of our Archetype cigars—both the ones already recognized for their greatness and the newer releases, like the Archetype Mini-Series.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019? Have you planned any new product launches or promotional campaigns? Any new marketing initiatives?
In the year ahead, we’ll be placing extra emphasis on the tobacconist channel, as the Ventura Cigar business unit moves under the Kretek International umbrella. We’re looking to further develop our brands, continuing our story about Ventura Cigars’ California Cool. We’re a boutique brand with a good eye for unique blends, so our customers know that anything we put into market is worth taking a look at. We do have some tricks up our sleeve for the year ahead, and if you stop by our booth at TPE, you may get to take a look!

Case Study | Ventura Cigar CompanyWhat else is it important for your customers to know about your company? Which product lines are performing best for you? Why? What trends do you see impacting sales?
Ventura Cigar has been in the business for a lot of years, and we may be small, but we know what we’re doing. We’ve seen a lot of traction with several of our brands, including Archetype, Case Study and PSyKo Seven—and even the Fathers, Friends and Fire blend developed last year in collaboration with Indiana and Omar Ortez. We’re finding the overall consumer trend of seeking experiences, rather than purchasing “things,” is translating into the tobacco business as well. The cigar customer is looking for something extraordinary, something that contributes to the smoking experience and gives them a story to share with others. This means consumers are buying with the intent to actually enjoy their sticks rather than simply collect and never smoke them.

How do you work with retailers to merchandise the category and your brands specifically? What advice would you give to retailers to help them make the most of the category’s profit potential?
We understand how everything fits together like a puzzle and how even little details contribute to the overall success of every product. The tobacco blends are a main focus for Ventura Cigar, but if the packaging and branding aren’t also compelling, then retailers won’t put our cigars on their shelves. We keep this in mind as we develop the visual elements for our brands, aiming to offer products that retailers want to stock and that consumers want to buy—and then buy again.

I think the best advice I’d give to a retailer (besides saying they should stock Ventura Cigar products) is to become educated on the cigars they’re stocking. Know the nuances of the blends, the smoking experiences and the stories behind the brands. A knowledgeable retailer can help their customers make a cigar selection based on their personal preferences, and being a trusted resource encourages return visits from customers seeking their next exceptional smoking experience.

Michael Giannini of Ventura Cigar Co.How price-conscious are your consumers?
These days, everyone seems to be price-conscious, not always in terms of a dollar amount but definitely in terms of value. People want to spend their money on memorable experiences, and with cigars crafted to offer hours of evolving flavors, Ventura Cigar definitely delivers.