TPE 2019 Exhibitor Profile: CBDfx

An interview with Christian Graversen, brand manager at CBDfx, which has been manufacturing products derived from hemp CBD since 2014.


How do you anticipate regulation impacting the industry landscape?
I really hope that the farm bill changes everything for the better and that the FDA will acknowledge CBD as a food additive—and by acknowledging CBD, they will be able to regulate the market as well and have certain requirements for CBD brands. Because right now it is the Wild West out there. FDA regulation and certain product standards and production standards would clean the market up a little a bit, which would be for the best.

What else is it important for your customers to know about your company and your brand family?
From a product standpoint, we try to keep everything as [natural] as possible. We don’t use high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. We use organic cane sugar in our gummies; the balm is made of chamomile and lavender instead of questionable ingredients. That is our take on the industry: We try to add some natural active compounds rather than artificial ingredients.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2019?
We will continue down the path we have been on. We are more of a CBD [company] than a vape company now, and we will continue that transformation and our path of creating products that everyone can use. We see ourselves as industry leaders, and we want to set a good example for everyone in the industry.

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