TPE 2019 Exhibitor Profile: Boveda


What new products or promotions have you introduced over the last year? What new products do you intend to launch in 2019?
Lambert: It’s been a little over a year, but a game changer was the introduction of our 1-gram 58 percent and 62 percent RH packs. This keeps up to one-eighth [of cannabis] fresh. [Since] nearly 75 percent of the flower sold is [at a quantity of] one-eighth or less, the industry welcomed this with open arms.

We also soft-launched our smart sensor, the Butler. This device tracks humidity and temperatures in your stash container, then reports stats directly to your phone via app. This is a major asset for home growers and connoisseurs alike.

[Regarding 2019], although I cannot share in detail, we have several next-level products in store. These items will reinforce our position as the industry leader for maintaining flower and more.

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 Story Jennifer Gelfand, editor-in-chief of Tobacco Business Magazine.