TMG Completes Media Acquisitions from TMA

TMG Completes Media Acquisitions from TMA

Tobacco Media Group (TMG) has completed the acquisition of several media titles and properties including: Tobacconist, Pipes and Tobaccos, and Cigars & Leisure magazines in addition to CTS Report and the website

TMG acquired the titles and properties from TMA, which acquired the properties during an earlier acquisition of assets from SpecComm International. TMA,  a member-driven group dedicated to providing tobacco and nicotine stakeholders with an understanding of tobacco and nicotine issues and convening forums bringing together the people and ideas important to tobacco and nicotine, sought a permanent home for these publications and websites with TMG. TMA is excited to pass stewardship to TMG, the publisher of the business-to-business magazine Tobacco Business and the entity behind the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) trade show. TMG shares TMA’s commitment to the tobacco industry and viewed these titles as valuable assets that will help it continue to disseminate the stories of the tobacco industry’s entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands in new and exciting ways.

“It’s an exciting time for TMG as a company. We get to continue the voices of these valued publications with our audience and customers. It shows the strength of TMG as a whole, as we continue to invest in and strengthen our portfolio. We now have the chance to continue to help our customers to grow their brands, and it’s also a great opportunity for us to deepen our relationship with new and existing manufacturers and now consumers as well. This acquisition helps us continue to grow TMG’s voice and presence in the industry as an advocate for tobacco and other OTP products in these categories,” says Ben Stimpson, managing director of TPE.

As TMG fulfills its strategic plan for 2020, each of these titles will continue to have a presence in some capacity.