TMA Acquires SpecComm International, Inc. Trade Shows and Publications


TMA president and CEO Chris Greer will oversee TMA and the GTNF Trust. Roberta Crosby, TMA’s vice president and chief financial officer, will oversee finances and administration for TMA and The GTNF Trust. From SpecComm International, Elise Rasmussen will join TMA as The GTNF Trust’s executive director and TMA’s vice president of sales and marketing. Taco Tuinstra, Tobacco Reporter’s editor in chief, will join TMA as its vice president and chief content officer and will oversee all magazine content. Mike MacDonald will join TMA as its director of product and circulation.

Other changes in TMA organization include Darryl Jayson, TMA’s vice president and chief operating officer, who will oversee TMA’s content and legacy TMA operations. Chris Moll will become TMA’s director of information service and will oversee its IT infrastructure, further develop, the online magazines, TabExpo and GTNF websites.

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