Swisher Promotes Chris Howard to New Position

Chris Howard | executive vice president, external affairs and new product compliance Swisher

Swisher has announced that Chris Howard has been promoted to the position of executive vice president, external affairs and new product compliance. Previously, Howard served as senior vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer at E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), a Swisher-owned company.

Howard had played a big role in advancing several EAS and Swisher initiatives and regulatory compliance programs, including for the Leap and Rogue tobacco products. He also has worked with some of EAS’ novel CBD products. In his new role, Howard will be tasked with accelerating Swisher’s external affairs strategic objectives and molding a new section providing regulatory approval and compliance support for new product developing.

“Through his ongoing efforts advocating Swisher and industry interests and advancing major initiatives, Chris has been a key leader and strategist for our company in his six years with us,” said Neil Kiely, President of Swisher. “Chris’ deep experience and unique skillset make him the perfect candidate to help us navigate the evolving regulatory environment in our industry – we look forward to the impact he will deliver.”