Swisher launches Swisher Sweets Banana Daiquiri

Swisher launches Swisher Sweets Banana Daiquiri

Swisher Sweets’ limited-edition Banana Daiquiri cigarillos offer a unique blend of the smooth sweetness of banana with a splash of rum.

Limited edition cigarillos continue to be a huge hit for Swisher International. Banana Daiquiri is the latest Swisher Sweets limited edition cigarillo that Swisher has released on April Fools Day over the past four years. Some of the other limited edition cigarillos have been Blueberry Waffle and Pepperoni Pizza.

Swisher Sweets Banana Daiquiri cigarillos are available in a variety of market-driven price points and are shipping nationwide while supplies last. To place an order, contact a Swisher representative at 800-874-9720. For more information, visit swisher.com.