Swisher Launches Inclusion, Diversity & Transformation Initiative


“Through our research and discussions, we learned that while new Black-owned businesses encounter similar problems to all start-ups, they also face their own unique challenges including a need for mentorship, capital access, research, and product distribution,” added Miller. “The goal of the incubator project is to provide unique solutions and opportunities to Black entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners.”

Swisher International will also be expanding its current relationship with NIMBUS, a multicultural strategic and communications firm, known for their diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise and diverse marketing experience. For more than five years, NIMBUS has supported Swisher on multiple brands to enhance their consumer activations and expand audience reach. Deal will work directly with NIMBUS to develop a comprehensive strategy for the short-term, medium-term and long-term initiatives.

“I applaud John and the Swisher team for engaging our agency right away on this important initiative,” said Stacey Wade, NIMBUS CEO and executive creative director. “They’re being bold about taking strong steps forward while remaining authentic to their brand promise. We’re confident that together we will implement an inclusion and diversity strategy that generates positive social impact, both internally and externally, for their company.”

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