State and Federal Legislative Update from NATO


New Hampshire: House Bill 333 eliminates the exemption for premium cigars from the state’s tobacco tax, which would then assess a tobacco tax on premium cigars at a rate of 65.03%.

New York: Assembly Bill 273 increases the age to purchase tobacco products from 18 years old to 21 years old.  Assembly Bill 277 and Senate Bill 758 prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products (except for pipe tobacco and hand-made cigars), but exempts the flavors of tobacco, menthol, mint or wintergreen and does not apply to an age-restricted retail tobacco business.  Assembly Bill 1138 and Senate Bill 1089 tax electronic cigarette cartridges (defined as a replaceable cartridge) as tobacco products.  Assembly Bill 325 prohibits the sale of any quantity of electronic liquid used to refill an electronic cigarette or cartridge; defines “electronic liquid” as any liquid composed of nicotine and other chemicals that is sold for use in electronic cigarettes.  Assembly Bill 516 makes the restrictions on smoking in public places applicable to electronic cigarettes (exempts retail electronic cigarette stores).  Assembly Bill 749 increases the purchase age for tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to age 21 and prohibits the vaporization of nicotine within electronic cigarettes in certain areas. Assembly Bill 1117 requires companies selling tobacco products over the Internet to first send a form to individuals to sign stating such individual is 18 years old.

Virginia: House Bill 1925 gives all counties the authority to tax cigarettes.  House Bill 2056 assesses a vapor products at $.05 per fluid milliliter of consumable vapor products and 10% of the retailers sales price of non-consumable vapor products and devices, including e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and similar devices.  Senate Bill 1938 permits any locality the ability to adopt ordinances designating non-smoking areas within outdoor public spaces.

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