Solving the Identity Crisis

    How FTx Identity is changing the face of age verification technology for the tobacco industry


    A Secure Consumer Experience That’s Easy to Use
    With FTx Identity, businesses can provide consumers a hands-free experience with a self-registration and online ID verification process via the consumer’s mobile device or on the web, which will verify their age and identify them without the need for them to present their physical ID. Consumers can prove their age without sharing their personal information by presenting a short-lived QR code containing their date of birth and ID expiration date, or with the use of facial recognition technology.

    When it comes to the FTx Identity platform, consumers will feel relieved knowing their data is safe and secure. By preserving the consumer’s information in a cloud-based, secured digital vault, it ensures the security and confidentiality of a consumer’s data. The data gets stored in encrypted form, only allowing the end user to access their personal profile. A consumer’s personal information is never shared with unidentified parties without their consent, which allows them to share or unshare their information with their chosen businesses.

    A Quick and Easy Age Verification Process
    The fight against fake IDs and fraud is a top priority for many businesses, including those within the tobacco industry. It’s crucial for them to remain in compliance with regulatory ID requirements while preserving the safety of their consumers. By integrating FTx Identity into your business, you will experience a quick and easy age verification process that eliminates the manual ID verification process, which is both time-consuming and risky. Overall, your business will thrive, and your consumers will feel assured knowing you’re committed to providing an enriched experience with the most effective safety measures in place.

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    – Photography courtesy of Adobe Stock. Contributed by Danielle Dixon, content writer for FTx POS.