S. T. Dupont’s New Initial Lighter

S. T. Dupont Initial Lighter

For close to 145 years, S. T. Dupont has been crafting luxurious and unique products for the elite that are designed to stand the test of time. The company’s master goldsmiths, silversmiths, trunk-makers and silversmiths have created top-of-the-line products entirely by hand in France such as the famous Maison lighter. This lighter, created nearly 75 years ago, was considered to the first luxury petrol lighter. In tribute to this landmark product, S. T. Dupont is celebrating its anniversary with the release of a new gas lighter named Initial.

S. T. Dupont Initial Lighter

S. T. Dupont Initial LighterThe new Initial lighter is contemporary in style and affordable in price. Inspired by the timeless style of its 1941 predecessor, the Initial lighter has a guilloche cap, rounded corners and roller, and a double flame that pairs well with the lighter’s modern and sleek brass body. Maison become a collector’s item for aficionados and this new luxury masterpiece is sure to do the same. With its ability to light up to 130 cigars per full butane tank, the Initial embodies many of S. T. Dupont’s trademark characteristics. The Initial lighter features a double flame cigar burner, ensuring the perfect light. Its ergonomic and aesthetic flame adjustment button and filling valve makes refilling easy. Initial is an elegant and compact lighter, perfect for any retailer catering to customers who are interested in luxury and quality.