Puro Sabor Cigar Festival 2017


The festival begins in Granada where participants will attend a dinner a La Polvora Fortress. After a stop in Granada, the festival moves to Estelí on Wednesday, Jan. 18 for a dinner marking the opening of the sixth Puro Sabor Festival will be held in the buildings of the Parque Agroindustrial del Norte S.A. (Pansa). Thursday and Friday are dedicated to visiting and learning about the plantations, curing barns and factories belonging to members of CNT. A pairing session of coffee and cigars will occur the next day along with a panel discussion with tobacco industry experts on tobacco pre-industry and fermentation specifications, the packaging process and products, and the market trends for tobacco and cigars.

The traditional “White Party” will take place in Estelí’s Plaza Domingo Gadea on Thursday, Jan. 19. This is often considered the culmination of the festival where participants get to enjoy Nicaraguan music and food while dressed in the official Puro Sabor white guayabera shirt.

For additional details, visit nicaraguancigarfestival.com.