Premium Cigar Association Releases 2019 Trade Show Attendance Numbers

Premium Cigar Association

The biggest question following each year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show and convention for many manufacturers is typically how many attendees were at the show. The Premium Cigar Association (PCA), formerly known as the IPCPR, has released some numbers to shed some insight into that question following IPCPR 2019.

In terms of retailer attendees, there was reportedly a 1.51% change from 2018, with 2,085 retailers attending. Of that number, 771 different retail accounts were represented which was down 0.90 percent from 2018; 2,017 retail stores were represented, a 15.79 percent change; and in all, 5,462 attendees were at the show, up 2.52 percent from 2018. The attendee number represents not just retailers but everyone who attended the show–exhibitors, their staff, manufacturers, other members and the media.