PK>FWD: Helping Retailers Leverage Alternative Accessories

Phillips & King International’s new buying guide offers progressive retail stores one-stop-shop access to cannabis and vaping accessories


“We are constantly evaluating our product portfolio, making sure that we are presenting items that are interesting, eye-catching and useful to our customers—and to our customer’s customers,” notes Carignan. “PK>FWD makes it simple for retailers to find and sell items that will make a difference to their bottom line, in both traditional sectors and new markets.”

In addition to being a well-trusted, one-stop shop, PK>FWD is also committed to providing personal service, including online ordering capabilities; same-day, free shipping on qualifying orders; and more than 50 dedicated salespeople at the ready to assist with product orders and suggestions. New accounts can call 1+ (800) 532-4427, and may also be eligible for a new customer discount. For more details, please visit

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