PK>FWD: Helping Retailers Leverage Alternative Accessories

Phillips & King International’s new buying guide offers progressive retail stores one-stop-shop access to cannabis and vaping accessories

PK FWD Alternative Products

As more and more states legalize marijuana use, there’s no denying that the cannabis and vaping category is gaining momentum. Yet, even as new entries flood into the marketplace, retailers are struggling both to identify products with the most profit potential and to keep tabs on what’s hot and what’s not. To help buyers navigate this emerging growth category, Phillips & King International has launched PK>FWD, a monthly buyer’s guide and website for forward-thinking retailers.

“Looking at the landscape of the industry and at the legalization taking place across the country, we wanted to make sure our customers have quick access to the accessories they may need to start stocking as more consumers start dabbling in the category,” explains Brittny Peloquin, marketing manager at Philips & King International. “PK>FWD helps buyers minimize the risk of entering a new market by providing a comprehensive offering of products they can trust to help customer traffic and profits.”

PK Forward Alternative ProductsWith more than a decade of experience serving the head shop industry, as well as doing business in the highly regulated and taxed tobacco category, P&K’s buyers are uniquely equipped to help retailers navigate changes in the regulatory environment and tax policy, as well as stay on top of market trends. “Phillips and King has been in the tobacconist business for over 110 years,” says Jason Carignan, CMO of Kretek, parent company of Phillips and King. “We are a company people turn to for quality offerings. We know what sources to turn to, what products to sell, and what items are in demand at the consumer level. We’re excited to help our customers grow their businesses using our expertise and incredible selection of products they can count on.”

Drawing from a universe of more than 21,000 items, the first PK>FWD buying guide includes 1,300 products from top-selling brands like Formula420, PAX, Greenhouse, Chong’s Choice, Raw, Prima, Cornerstone Class, GRAV Labs and White Rhino. Its wide selection ranges from high-quality glass and vaporizers—including the Firefly 2—to everyday accessories like rolling papers, grinders, storage and humidification.