Patina Habano and Connecticut Begin to Ship to the U.S.

Patina Cigars

Patina Cigars’ Patina Habano and Connecticut cigars will begin shipping to retailers in the coming weeks, Mombacho Cigars has announced. These cigars will be rolled at Mombacho’s factory in Casa Favilli and will be the first time that non-Nicaraguan tobacco will be used in the factory. Patina Cigars are made in partnership with Mombacho Cigars. Patina Cigars are owned by Mo Maali, who also serves as the National Sales Manager for Mombacho Cigars.

“Patina is the example of how blending is an extremely complex process,” said Claudio Sgroi, President and Master Blender of Mombacho Cigars S.A. “The Connecticut will completely change the idea of what a mild cigar should be and the habano will surprise with its unique profile. Both cigars are tremendously different of what we are used to smoking and we are very excited about their release.”

“Patina is an oxidation process that, over time, produces a green film over bronze or copper. In the same spirit, our experiences in life shape our opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Just as those building underneath the Patina retain their original character, we too as human beings will always be ourselves at our core. No matter what happens in life, always be true to yourself,” said Mo Maali, owner of Patina Cigars. “Learning about tobacco and blending from Claudio is like learning how to paint from Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a privilege to have many cigars produced at Casa Favilli and I am excited for the journey ahead.”