Padrón’s ‘Memorable Moments in My Life Memoir’ on Sale

Jose Orlando Padron Memoir

Jose Orlando Padron MemoirJosé O. Padrón is one of the cigar industry’s most respected men and entrepreneurs and now you can read about his life in a new book. Memorable Moments in My Life – A True American Story.

Billed as “The Story of an American Dream,” this book is a must for any cigar aficionado. José O. Padrón migrated to the United States from Cuba. After moving to Miami in 1962, Padrón had to start from nothing. Each month he received $60 in government aid given to Cuban refugees. He did not however want to rely on government handouts and dreamed of ways to earn a living that would allow him to support his family. After receiving a hammer as a gift from a friend, Padrón got into carpentry and was able to make more money. All the while he was working toward being financially independent, Padrón had a dream–to launch a cigar factory like the ones in Cuba. His dream was fulfilled in 1964 when he opened Padrón Cigars. This is the entrepreneurial and American dream that fills the pages of Memorable Moments in My Life.