Next Generation Labs Secures Patent for Synthetic Nicotine

Next Generation Labs Secures Patent for Synthetic Nicotine

Nicotine has been a growing concern for both federal and local governments, and has also been a source of strife between different product categories within the tobacco industry. Now, a new patent could dramatically change the tobacco industry and allow vapor and alternative brands to finally break free from tobacco–with the help of synthetic nicotine.

Next Generation Labs has secured a patent for synthetic nicotine in South Korea. Currently there are over 75 e-liquid brands around the world using Next Generation Labs’ synthetic nicotine (TFN Nicotine) including Space Jam, CRFT, NKTR, Sypher Scala, Digable, Mag7 and Amaranth, among others. These brands have all launched TFN e-liquid lines that have been described as having more vibrant flavors due to TFN Nicotine’s attributes and have had success on the market.

“With additional USA and international patents pending, Next Generation Labs has pioneered the bulk production of synthetic nicotine, which has applications far beyond the traditional vaping market,” said Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs. “We strive to reinvigorate the nicotine marketplace with a quality non tobacco derived nicotine that can be used by the vape industry and the pharmaceutical industry to provide superior products of discerning adult consumers seeking alternatives to the tobacco derived nicotine products available on the market today.”