Modern and Contemporary Davidoff Urban Architecture Humidor

Modern and Contemporary Davidoff Urban Architecture Humidor

Davidoff’s latest release is aimed at those looking to liven up their living spaces with a new contemporary accessory line. Davidoff’s accessories collection offers cigar smokers a range of accessories from traditional contemporary objects.

The new Davidoff Urban Architecture humidor was designed to offer a stylish home for your cigars. With a capacity of 135 cigars, this humidor combines glass and wood to create a contemporary humidor fit for an elegant interior. This humidor features a push2open system that highlights the aesthetic of the humidor’s overall design. The Davidoff Urban Architecture humidor contains three individual trays for convenient cigar storage. The humidor is made with Optiwhite glass, a crystal clear version of float glass, also known as white glass. The transparency of the humidor also allows cigar smokers to display their cigar collection in an attractive manner.

The clear glass surfaces also give the humidor a puristic and modern touch. The wood used in this humidor is a natural oak wood that comes from PEFC certified sawmills. Its grain pattern is unique and with its fine textured surface, the oak wood gives the humidor a stylish and modern appearance.

Davidoff Urban Architecture can hold up to 135 toro-sized cigars. It features 2 deluxe Davidoff regulators and 3 removable trays. The proprietary regulatory system guarantees a constant humidification between 70 and 72 percent. The glass is a Safety UV-Optiwhite glass while the humidor’s overall dimensions are L 600mm x W 410mm x H 176mm. The humidor is made entirely in Germany.