LightningAir 2-in-1 Air Purifier

LightningAir 2-in-1 Purifier

Air purification for cigar, pipe, and cigarette smokers is important and that’s why LightningAir’s 2-in-1 Ionic Purifier and O3 Sanitizer is a must-have for retailers and consumers alike. This 2-in-1 unite will almost instantly remove the smoke from the air and will also eliminate odors and while sanitizing the air.

How does it work? The LightningAir 2-in-1 Ionic Purifier and O3 Sanitizer cleanses the air by recreating nature’s own purification system. Lightning, thunderstorms, waterfalls, waves crashing on the beach and natural sunlight all naturally clean the air by creating negative ions that remove the visible smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander and all other particles that can be found floating in the air. The O3 sanitizer in the unit will eliminate smoke and tobacco odors at its source and will prevent mold, mildew, bacteria and germs from becoming a problem. For anyone who smokes, this is a must-have item.