Kretek International Launches New Company, DRYFT Sciences


“With Jason Carignan as President of DRYFT Sciences, we’re very confident in projecting success for the DRYFT brand and products,” says Sean Cassar, Kretek’s President. “He has an impressive track record within our company, and we’re ready to capitalize on the opportunity to be a brand leader in this rapidly-expanding category. Kretek has invested significant capital into DRYFT Sciences, and we believe that creating this new company is the right step in helping achieve our corporate objectives.”

As an emerging leader in the nicotine pouch category, DRYFT experienced 130 percent unit sales growth during the past 26 weeks at major c-store chains, predominately in the western U.S., according to Nielsen scan data. DRYFT offers adult consumers a tobacco-leaf-free nicotine experience and a satisfying alternative to traditional tobacco and nicotine products. Smokeless as well as spit-free, DRYFT can be used discreetly almost anytime, anywhere, allowing users to go about their day without slowing down while using the product. DRYFT nicotine pouches are available in three nicotine strengths–2mg, 4mg and 7mg–and come in eight different flavors: spearmint, wintergreen, dragon fruit, citrus, black cherry, cinnamon, coffee and peppermint.

The national rollout of DRYFT nicotine pouches is planned for January 2020. For more information and the latest news from DRYFT, visit

Note: Kretek International is the parent company of Tobacco Media Group (TMG), publisher of Tobacco Business Magazine.