Know Thy Customer


    “The two things I look at are: What’s the DNA of the brand? And the second thing is really understanding the key requirements of the consumer—not just what they want in the product, but what’s important to them in their life. What gets them to take a brand off the shelf? What gets them to switch from a brand?”

    After figuring out the DNA of your brand and what it takes to get a consumer to buy a product, marketers need to go even deeper in their exploration of their customer base.

    “Understand your consumer segments and brand,” he says. “Every category has multiple consumer segments. Understand the psychographics. What makes your consumer tick? What’s important to them? What motivates them to be in the category? Why are they choosing brands in this category? Understand how the different consumer segments are motivated, how they consume information. You’d be surprised that a lot of brands don’t have that information about who their consumer is.”

    If you’re setting out to design a new campaign, build a customer loyalty program, create effective print advertising or even generate content for a blog or social media, do the work. Understand who you’re marketing to before you do anything else. The better you understand your customers, the more they will be willing to buy into your brand and what your company has to offer.

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