José R. Oliva Named Florida’s New House Speaker

José R. Oliva

Oliva Cigars’ José R. Oliva has been named Florida’s new House Speaker after the state’s contentious election season comes to a close. Oliva was chosen last year to assume the House Speaker position by his fellow Republicans who hoped they would retain their majority in the house. Oliva was elected to Florida’s House of Representatives during a special off-year election in 2011.

Oliva urged members of Florida’s House of Representatives to show more restraint while governing and to remove all of the unnecessary barriers that stand in the way of citizen’s opportunities, prosperity and freedom. He also gifted each member of the House with a journal that he encouraged them to use to document their triumphs, challenges and struggles. Members of the Oliva family including his mother, Carmen, watched from the House’s upstairs gallery as he was sworn in.