Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot Gets National Distribution

Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot

Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot Altadis U.S.A.’s Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot is getting nationally distributed, the company announced in a recent press release. Rustic Cheroot is the third Henry Clay line extension and line the other variations is a robust cigar. Rustic Cheroot is a fuller-bodied cigar that is reminiscent of old-world cigar culture.

For those unfamiliar, cheroot is a long-running cigar term that refers to a smaller, thinner cigar that features two open ends. Altadis used only the finest “reborn” tobacco leaves, which produced a rich, stronger blend and a rustic, complex flavor. In the past, tobacco field workers of Honduras’ western region would smoke small cigars that they would make from small collections of tobacco leaves from various pilons that they found in curing barns. Owners of the fields took notice and put a stop to the workers’ using these small quantities of tobacco. To continue their practice of making these small cigars, workers began leaving tobacco plants int he fields after choice leaves had been picked and smoked the second wave of tobaccos grown in each back. These tobaccos were later referred to as “reborn” leaves and despite having a rough exterior, produced strong, complex smokes.