Gurkha Cigars Announces Exclusive Partnership with Kretek Canada

Gurkha Cigars Exclusively Partners with Kretek Internatinal Kretek for Distribution

Gurkha Cigars is partnering exclusively with Kretek Canada to distribute its premium cigar brands throughout Canada. Gurkha’s brands include Grand Reserve, Cellar Reserve, Seduction, Ghost and Master Select, among many others. Through this partnership, Gurkha hopes to not only make its cigars more available in the Canadian marketplace but to also increase brand awareness through special events and promotions.

“Canadians represent the largest percentage of non-U.S. citizens vacationing in the United States. As a result of these travels Canadians are asking their local retailers to carry more Gurkha cigars,” said Kaizad Hansotia, CEO of Gurkha Cigars. “We decided that we needed to have a larger sales effort in Canada. Gurkha only partners with the best and Kretek is both highly respected and highly efficient, they will be key to the expansion of Gurkha nation.”