General Cigar Reveals Cohiba Spectre at IPCPR 2018

Cohiba Spectre

Cohiba is known as a brand that typically delivers a luxurious cigar made with some of the best tobaccos available and at this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR), its latest release continues that tradition. The new Cohiba Spectre features eight varieties of tobacco from a broad spectrum of growing regions, soils and microclimates. The cigar uses tobacco from five different countries to deliver a truly unique smoking experience.

Sean Williams with Cohiba Spectre at IPCPR 2018

“Cohiba Spectre is like the finest Bordeaux wine,” says Jhonys Diaz, Cohiba’s master blender. “The tobaccos we selected are the product of ideal climatic conditions and a passion for tending to the tobacco at every step of the process. Through proprietary aging techniques, these tobaccos have developed in flavor and complexity, resulting in a smoking experience that cannot be otherwise be replicated.”