Full Spec Brands Launches Full-Service Brand Accelerator

Full Spec Brands

Full Spec Brands has launched what is being called the first nationwide full-service brand accelerator that will service the specialty retail class of trade with a focus on smoke shops, independent gas, convenience stores and new age wellness retail locations.

Full Spec Brands offers tailored strategies and services including dedicated sales, marketing and merchandising for brands that have demonstrated the ability to lead and innovate in their respective categories. Full Spec Brands offers their partners access to proven industry insights, innovative ideas and uncommon approaches aimed at transforming go-to-market strategies and consumer engagement. In addition to its sales team, Full Spec Brands has announced that it will be launching a headless B2B e-commerce platform that will make it easy for customers to place orders, track purchase history and participate in marketing and loyalty programs.

Full Spec Brands was founded by Michael Cellucci, who has experience in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) category and has worked with several prominent companies within the cigar and cannabis industries.

“Throughout my years in the specialty retail universe, I have seen both large and small companies expend extraordinary effort and hundreds of thousands in personal and investor funds to have one sliver of space and recognition in this hard-to-reach class of trade,” Cellucci commented in a press release. “This is not a puzzle you can solve in a board room. You have to be in the stores and in front of the consumers. We have assembled a very experienced team of sales professionals with deep knowledge of the space. We understand exactly what is required to build trust, to build brands, and to build profitable relationships for all stakeholders.”

Joining Cellucci is Selim Hanono who has spent 35 years working in the tobacco and cannabis industries. Hanono has worked with Cellucci for 15 years in various cigar and cannabis companies including Drew Estate, Swisher, and Greenlane.