Foundation For a Smoke-Free World’s Ties to Philip Morris International Questioned

Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Philip Morris International Ties

The Foundation For a Smoke-Free World has sent a letter to 344 public health researchers and groups, offering $1 billion in grants. While this would typically be applauded, many of the recipients are waving a red flag due to the organization’s ties to big tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI).

One recipient, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, announced that it would be refusing the grant due to the ties to Philip Morris International. The dean of the school, Ellen MacKenzie, signed a statement along with 16 other schools condemning The Foundation For a Smoke-Free World for accepting money from PMI, even though the organization is anti-tobacco.

In a report made by the Johns Hopkins News-Letter, MacKenzie is quoted as saying: “The Bloomberg School has had a policy to not accept tobacco money for quite a long time, but if you get money from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, and PMI gives money to the Foundation, it is still an indirect [transfer]. Nothing about the policy has changed.”