Foundation Cigar Company to release The Wiseman Maduro Lancero


“I was inspired by the reputation of the Lancero format, known for an appeal that tends to run deeper into the cigar connoisseur realm, to use an artistic rendering of El Güegüense [The Wiseman], also known as Macho Raton, as the central figure on our 13-count box,” Melillo says. “As this deeper story goes, El Güegüense traveled between the different colonial territories of Mexico and Central America to sell his goods. Accompanied by his sons, Don Forisco (his right hand) and Don Ambrosio (his detractor), and four mules (machos). [The mules were named] Machomoto, Macho-viejo, Macho-Mohino and Macho-guajaqueno, [and they] were used for his heavy work, symbolizing how the indigenous population was being treated by the Spanish colonizers.”

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