Famous Smoke Shop launches Cigar Smoker’s Rights Hub

Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Smokers Rights Hub

Premium cigar retailer Famous Smoke Shop has launched a new interactive Cigar Smokers’ Rights Hub. Created in response to the deeming rules brought on by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this online guide provides cigar enthusiasts with a compilation of legal actions that have impacted the tobacco industry. It also helps cigar smokers understand how the new FDA regulations will negatively impact the premium cigar industry and the legal challenges brought against the government agency’s new rules.

One area of examination within he Smokers’ Rights Hub is the difference between cigars and cigarettes. Since the FDA is regulating cigars as they have cigarettes, the Smokers’ Rights Hub points out the differences between the two products, from how they’re created to the fees and chemical tests that will stall innovation and the release of new products.

Arthur Zaretsky, president and owner of Famous Smoke Shop, released the following statement about the Cigar Smokers’ Hub: “The rights of adult cigar enthusiasts to purchase and enjoy a completely legal product are quickly going up in flames. The agency is going at this regulation, and the costs associated with compliance, blindly. FDA has failed to perform an adequate, legitimate cost-benefit analysis of the Final Rule’s economic impact on small businesses, as is required by the Regulatory Flexibility Act.”