Drew Estate Introduces New 4×32 Products, Merchandising and Retailer Programs


Drew Estate is adding a series of 4×32 products in 10-count tins to its brand portfolio. These include new 4×32 versions of the following products:

  • ACID Krush Blue Connecticut (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • ACID Krush Red Cameroon (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • ACID Krush Gold Sumatra (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • ACID Krush Morado Maduro (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • ACID Krush Candela (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Liga Privada No. 9 “Coronet” (4×32) MSRP $125.00/50-count Sleeve (DDRP Exclusive)
  • Liga Privada T52 “Coronet” (4×32) MSRP $125.00/50-count Sleeve (DDRP Exclusive)
  • Tabak Especial “Cafecita Dulce” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Tabak Especial “Cafecita Negra” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Undercrown Maduro “Coronet” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Undercrown Shade “Coronet” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Herrera Estelí “Club” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Herrera Estelí Norteño “Club” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Kentucky Fire Cured “Ponies” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve
  • Larutan “Dirties” (4×32) MSRP $110.00/50-count Sleeve

Drew Estate 4x32To help promote these new products in store, Drew Estate has created a 6-foot tall Water Tower retail merchandising display. These Water Tower displays pay homage to the water towers found on the top of many New York City buildings. Only 250 of these water tower units have been produced so far. The custom display has configurable wire racks designed to hold 27 sleeves of 4×32 tins. The merchandise display is modular, allowing retailers to easily move it around to fit their store’s layout. Also, the water tower includes storage space underneath for the storage of additional inventory. There are also two options of custom countertop displays that hold nine sleeves of 4×32 tins.

“I remember looking out at the skyline of New York when we were based in DUMBO Brooklyn and seeing the Water Towers, something so constant in my daily life, yet so overlooked. I presented to the Drew Estate Marketing Team the concept of creating today’s modern day wooden Indian to disrupt the typical tin racks behind the counter and provide the brick & mortar retailer an additional point of visibility for a high velocity product,” commented Jonathan Drew, President and Founder of Drew Estate.