Davidoff Cigars Introduces New Winston Churchill Late Hour

Davidoff Cigars Winston Churchill The Late Hour

Davidoff Cigars is prepping the launch of a new Winston Churchill cigar range, The Late Hour. This new cigar is inspired by Sir Winston Churchill and the time of day he did his best thinking and planning for how to run a country. When others were preparing for bed, Sir Winston Churchill was up planning and thinking, finding the night sparked his creativity and gave him inspiration, along with a cigar and glass of whisky.

Davidoff Cigars Winston Churchill The Late Hour

“Gourmets across the globe have opened their eyes and minds to what is possible when venturing beyond the usual French wine, Scotch whisky, basic roasted coffee or their home country’s cuisine,” commented Charles Awad, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “We at Davidoff are excited to open the cigar aficionado’s world with new tastes and a rewarding experience with “The Late Hour”–a complex and flavorful Scotch cask aged multi-origin cigar blend. The journey to new experiences and horizons will be worth it. We feel sure that Sir Winston would have enjoyed it and would have filled his late hours beautifully with this exceptional cigar and a glass of his favorite Scotch.”

Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill’s great-grandson, added: “The late hours into the early morning was the time when Churchill would rather all those resources together and commit himself to working, whether it was on his books with his research advisors or with his military people deciding the course of action. So, the late hours and the dark hours were when Churchill was his most productive in life. And he was never without a cigar.”