Davidoff Presents its Small Batch Releases

Davidoff presents its Small Batch releases

Davidoff presents its Small Batch releases For the first time, Davidoff is presenting a global release of its Small Batch cigars. Using only the most exquisite and rare tobacco vintages available in its tobacco archives, the Davidoff master blenders have created 12 exceptional blends in a series of small batches that have been created for dedicated regions of the world. Each Small Batch bundle features the roller’s signature, which further confirms the exclusivity of these cigars.

For its Small Batch program, Davidoff has added an additional touch to its distinct assortment of premium cigars. The master blenders have created a range from medium- to full-bodied multi-origin blends made of very exquisite and rare tobaccos from Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The cigars are crafted in the popular Toro, Robusto, Belicoso and Corona Extra formats.

To complement the traditional iconic white ring standing for the sophistication and refinement of each Davidoff cigar, a “Small Batch” second band underlines its rareness. The cigars are bundled in craft paper bundles comprised of five to ten cigars. Depending on tobacco stocks and blend, the global availability per Small Batch is as limited as 1,300 cigars. The roller’s signature on each bundle is a humble example of his or her dedication, expertise and craftsmanship giving it a very personal touch.

“Introducing these one of a kind Small Batch cigars, we are excited to add an additional touch of exclusivity to our distinct assortment of premium cigars. The tobaccos used are as rare as the talents that blend them. The roller’s signature on each Small Batch pack further confirms our dedication and passion. And we are confident that they will delight the few fortunate aficionados who find them with a truly unique cigar experience,” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

The Small Batch cigars will be available as of September 2019 at select Davidoff appointed merchants in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States and Asia.

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