Davidoff Art Initiative Recognized by 2017 International Corporate Art Awards

Davidoff Art Initiative Recognized by 2017 International Corporate Art Awards

Davidoff Art Initiative, part of Oettinger Davidoff, is the recipient of a 2017 International Corporate Art Awards, the company announced in a recent press release.

“It is truly an honor to be named a winner of this award alongside such notable peers. It confirms our firm approach and encourages our team and many collaborative partners to continue strengthening our activities of the past five years and to discern and advocate the noteworthy artists and creative spaces around the Caribbean and the international scene,” says Beat Hauenstein, CEO of Oettinger Davidoff AG. “This award signals our efforts are valid. The promotion of interconnectivity between the many nations and regions within the Caribbean itself, at all levels of production, as well as our decision to motivate thoughtful cultural engagement from and around the international community, will be even more decisive with this nomination.”

Luca Desiata, Curator of the Corporate Art Awards, added: “A lasting contribution to the world of contemporary art. A profound social impact on the communities and the stakeholders. An international perspective with the involvement of five prestigious art institutions worldwide. These are the features that made the Davidoff Art Residency program one of the winners of the 2017 edition of the Corporate Art Awards.”

The Davidoff Art Initiative was launched in 2012 in conjunction with Davidoff’s partnership with Art Basel. Since its launch, the Davidoff Art Initiative has supported and encouraged art organizations that promote Caribbean art and worked hard to spread that art to the rest of the world. Over the years, the program has evolved to include five unique residency venues around the world and a dedicated program for international artists in the Dominican Republic.

The Davidoff Art Initiative was selected from 90 projects in 22 countries to receive this award. In the past, companies including American Express, Deutsche Bank and Shiseido.

For all the latest news about the Davidoff Art Initiative, visit davidoffartinitiative.com.

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