C.L.E. Cigar Company Announces EIROA The First 20 Colorado

EIROA The First 20 Colorado Ships April 3

EIROA First 20 Colorado

C.L.E. Cigar Company announced its plan to continue the EIROA The First 20 cigar line with the April 3, 2017, release of EIROA The First 20 Colorado. This cigar was first announced by Christian Eiroa on social media last month.

EIROA First 20 ColoradoThe EIROA The First 20 Colorado is a continuation of the EIROA The First 20 Line that was first launched at IPCPR 2016. It had a limited release prior to the nationwide release planned for April 3.

“I absolutely love the authentic Corojo Seed and finally, after decades of trying, I finally have the exact Colorado color I have been looking for my entire career,” said Christian Eiroa. “I want to share these with guys that actually appreciate the work involved. We are not looking to make millions of these, just the right amount of cigars for the right people.”