Cigar Sense Inc. Brings Data Insights to Cigar Companies’ Planning

Cigar Sense

Cigar Sense Inc. is expanding its offering of market intelligence services for premium cigar marketers. The company has developed unique capabilities to address the need for data-driven decision making through an innovative approach combining sensory, consumer and competitor analysis.

In addition to the detailed sensory analyses of cigars and of their competitor cigars, Cigar Sense also offerings a wide range of additional consumer insights, enabling companies in the industry to better build customer loyalty. Some of the data Cigar Sense will be able to supply include what matters to consumers, their likes, dislikes and attitudes; their perception of a brand of specific cigars; how specific cigars fit consumer preferences across the different geographical regions; the identification of competitor’s cigars, where sensory characteristics play a key role; and how consumers might respond to a change in price, size, or in nicotine strength in addition to other sensory attributes.

“Competition in the premium cigar industry is fierce and consumers increasingly evolve. They want to experience and know more. We believe that access to relevant data insights can be a true game changer for the industry and provide huge benefits to both marketers and consumers,” says Franca Comparetto, Cigar Sense creator and co-founder.

Co-founder David Wells adds: “We can help manufacturers and distributors with a variety of difficult challenges, from ‘why isn’t this SKU selling better’ to ‘which blend should we lead with when entering a new market’. Our process and data resources are unique in the industry, which is why some have called us the ‘Nielsen’ of premium cigars.”

Oettinger Davidoff’s Head of Product Development and Strategic Innovation, Sam Reuter, commented: “We have benefited from Cigar Sense’s key global consumer insights and are now integrating them in our strategic decision making process. I strongly recommend Cigar Sense for any consumer research in the cigar industry.”

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