Zev Kaminetsky of Royal Agio Cigars USA

Selling Through Awareness: Sales Tips from Royal Agio’s Zev Kaminetsky

What makes one premium cigar different from another? Aren’t they both rolled leaves with a different band on them? What makes a premium cigar...
Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Smokers Rights Hub

Famous Smoke Shop launches Cigar Smoker’s Rights Hub

Premium cigar retailer Famous Smoke Shop has launched a new interactive Cigar Smokers’ Rights Hub. Created in response to the deeming rules brought on...
Mike Edwards, Airreys Cigars

The Advantage of a Disadvantage: Mike Edwards and Airreys Cigars

Mike Edwards is a professional athlete and serious entrepreneur. Born in Manchester, England, and raised in Florida, Edwards launched his own lifestyle brand centered...
Dominican Republic Sees Increase in Cigar Exports

Dominican Republic Sees Increase in Cigar Exports

According to a new report published in Bloomberg, business is booming for cigar producers in the Dominican Republic. In an article published on Dec. 29,...
Crowned Heads to Release CHC Reserve XVIII Full Court Press LE 2019

Crowned Heads to Release CHC Reserve XVIII Full Court Press LE 2019

Crowned Heads has announced the upcoming release of a new limited edition version of its Court Reserve XVIII line. Called CHC Reserve XVIII Full...
Camp Camacho by Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars Announces Return Camp Camacho

After a ten-year hiatus, Camacho Cigars is bringing back Camp Camacho. This bold new factory experience will run from February to April 2018, offering...
Casa Cuevas Cigars suffers burglary

Casa Cuevas Cigars Suffers Burglary

Criminals broke into Casa Cuevas Cigars’ Miami-based warehouse on Feb. 10 and stole the company’s entire stock of cigars that were contained inside, amounting...
New York City Cigarette Price Hike

New York City to Become State with Most Expensive Cigarettes

It’s official–New York City will be the most expensive city int he U.S. to light up in. On Aug. 28, Mayor Bill de Blasio...
TOTAL Tobacco Ordinances

TOTAL Website Aims to Help Tobacco Retailers Respond to Ordinances

Are you a retailer who feels overwhelmed by local tobacco ordinances? There’s a new website that can help. Tobacco Ordinances – Take Another Look (TOTAL)...
A Cautionary Tale: Australia's Over Regulation of Tobacco and Nicotine

A Cautionary Tale: Australia’s Over Regulation of Tobacco and Nicotine

As tobacco businesses in the U.S. continue to come to terms with operating under increased regulations, observing how other countries are handling tobacco regulation...
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