Casa Fernandez Is Now Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf

Casa Fernandez has announced that it is rebranding itself as Aganorsa Leaf. The Miami-based manufacturer owns such brands as JFR, Lunatic and Guardian of the Farm and is changing its name and logo to align with the Fernandez family’s huge leaf growing operation in Nicaragua. Owned and operated by Eduardo Fernandez and is son Max, Aganorsa is also the name of the family’s Nicaragua growing operation, making sense to the company to rename itself after what it considers its greatest strength.

“This is an important moment in our company’s history,” Max Fernandez explained. “We are proud to rebrand our cigar company as Aganorsa Leaf and now is the right time. Since day one the leaf that we grow in Nicaragua has made our cigars distinctive in flavor and aroma. Aganorsa tobacco has always been unique. You can recognize it when you taste a cigar made by us. With Aganorsa Leaf hopefully people enjoy the same experience I have; from the early days when I walked into tobacco fermentation barns and cigar factories as a kid with my father Eduardo, Arsenio and our team of experts. The aroma and experience lingers in your memory, and it will forever stay with you. Our mission is for others to recognize the distinct flavor of our great leaf and know that skilled labour with years of experience have worked these leaves in Nicaragua, to evolve into the premium habano that you hold in your hands.”

Terence Reilly, Aganorsa’s vice president of sales and marketing, added: “Aganorsa tobacco is our strength. It’s essential cigar aficionados associate our cigars with the incredible leaf we grow. Changing our name to Aganorsa Leaf is a crucial step towards that goal.”