Casa Cuevas Announces New Brand, Sangre Nueva

Casa Cuevas | Sangre Nueva

Casa Cuevas | Sangre NuevaCasa Cuevas Cigars will be introducing a new brand to its portfolio at this year’s Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show. Sangre Nueva is the first Casa Cuevas brand blended solely by Alec Cuevas, who was recently promoted to the position of director of brand development [read more here].

Casa Cuevas’ master blender, Luis Cuevas Sr., felt it was time for his grandson to take the lead on new brands and chose the name Sangre Nueva, which is Spanish for “new blood,” as his first project and release. Alec Cuevas set out to create a blend that represented both old traditions and a new generation. Sangre Nueva is described as a “medium-plus strength cigar that elegantly boasts rich, savory chocolate notes along with hints of pepper, earthy tones, and a tad bit of spice.”

“The slogan ‘old traditions, new generation’ signifies so much more to me than a passing of the family torch. It represents all the experiences I’ve ever been through in this industry, from working behind the counter selling my fellow manufacturer’s products, to spending my summers learning all there is to know about our factory from a very young age,” commented Alec Cuevas. “Sangre Nueva is a personal love letter to my family, who placed their faith in me to create something from scratch given my knowledge of tobacco. It is also the culmination of patrons and distributors alike that took time out of their day to educate me and better help me define my palate throughout all these years. It’s been a blast creating such a savory blend, and I think it’s a perfect representation of the gratitude I have for this one-of-a-kind industry.”