CAO Honors its Roots with the New CAO Nicaragua

CAO Nicaragua

CAO NicaraguaCAO is releasing its first ever Nicaraguan-centric blend. The CAO Nicaragua, which made its big debut at this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show in Las Vegas.

CAO Nicaragua is a true tribute to the brand’s Nicaraguan roots. This cigar incorporates a selection of tobacco from Jalapa, Esteli and Condega and features a Honduran Jamastran wrapper to give it an extra boost of intensity. The tobacco grown in Esteli is strong and complex and delivers spicy flavors and heady aromas. The combination of rich soil and frequent cloud cover make the cigar’s Condega-grown tobacco extremely flavorful with notes of pepper and nuts. The Jalapa leaves give the cigar a certain smoothness and an earthy, toasty flavor. Combined together, CAO Nicaragua is described as peppery and spicy and balanced with medium-full flavors. There are hints of nuts and toast prominent throughout the smoke.

Rick Rodriguez, CAO’s master blender, commented: “Nicaragua’s rich volcanic soils and ideal humidity, temperature and sunlight create the perfect growing conditions for tobacco. For CAO Nicaragua, the team and I wanted to bring the essence of Nicaraguan tobacco to life in a way that only CAO can do. So we selected the blend starting with the filler, utilizing leaves representing three distinctive microclimates and three distinctive tastes. This is truly a cigar for the cigar lover who wants a deeply-satisfying smoke that engages every part of the palate. Taste for yourself and you’ll see that the CAO Nicaragua blend delivers incredible flavor, dimension and complexity.”