Cannadips Announces New Terpenes Product Line


“I couldn’t be more excited to continue to revolutionize and evolve the dip experience,” commented Boldt Runners Co-Founder and President Case Mandel. “We started in 2016 by creating the original smokeless cannabis and CBD dip pouch, which was revolutionary. We are proud to announce we have now created the original smokeless terpene pouch that can provide consumers an exciting delivery system for terpenes that is of course tobacco and nicotine free. The Cannadips Terpenes line being completely cannabinoid free allows us to provide our amazing lineup of flavors globally without restriction as well as give consumers an experience that is different from the CBD product line and still rooted in the craftsmanship and quality of the Cannadips brand.” says Mandel.

The Cannadips Terpenes line will be available online and in select retail channels across the United States beginning in October 2021. Retailers that want to get ahead of the wave and carry the latest innovation from Cannadips that is completely cannabinoid free can email The Cannadips Terpenes products will be available at