Boveda Releases Smart Sensor Device and App

Boveda Smart Sensor

Making sure your humidor is at optimal conditions to keep your cigars at their best just got a bit easier, thanks to Boveda. The company known for its 2-way humidity control packs that keep humidors at the best levels for cigar freshness is taking things to a new level with its new Smart Sensor. This new device that goes into your humidor will allow you to monitor the humidity levels within your humidor via Boveda’s app.

This sensor and the accompanying app could be a game changer in the humidity control department. The sensor is the size of a key but packs a punch when it comes to all it can do and reveal. With the sensor and app users will be able to monitor, learn and thus react to their humidors with a slew of new information fed through the app.

Boveda’s Smart Sensor is powered by Bluestream, a wireless sensor designed specifically for humidity and temperature-sensitive items. The device fits into your humidor and is easily calibrated with included instructions. You can then use the app to track the humidity levels in your humidor and monitor changes as you add or remove cigars or even how your humidor behaves in different seasons. The sensor will even make ordering replacement Boveda packs easier.

The Boveda Smart Sensor has a range of about 100 feet but can be monitored remotely if the Boveda app is accessed from a secondary device. You will need to leave a tablet or additional smartphone within 100-feet of the humidor to use your smartphone to access your humidor’s information from anywhere in the world.