How Boveda Improves Medical Cannabis

Boveda Cannabis

Back in 1997 under the name HumidiPak, Boveda patented 2-way humidity control product for packages and containers. It will add or remove moisture within the container where you store your cannabis to maintain a specific relative humidity level. What allows Boveda to do this is its unique ingredients–natural salt, water, and a thickening agent–contained within a reverse osmosis membrane. This special packaging means Boveda is only going to allow, in and out, 100 percent water vapor.

For cannabis, Boveda will lock in the moisture content of the flower by regulating the humidity inside the container you will use to store it in. With that moisture locked in, weight loss is eliminated due to moisture evaporation, helping you maintain the quality of the cannabis that you paid for. The use of Boveda with cannabis products has been shown to retain 15 percent more turpenes. Using Boveda with your stored Cannabis will also enhance your cannabis’ color, aroma and taste.

The life of a Boveda product depends on how hard it has to work. The more moisture it has to give up, the harder it has to work and the more it takes away from the product’s life span.