Tobacco Business Awards 2021 Winners Revealed


    Cigarette Brand of the Year
    Eagle 20’s Blue
    Liggett Vector Brands

    Tobacco Accessory of the Year
    Boveda Butler
    Boveda, Inc.

    Tobacconist of the Year
    Luxury Cigar Club

    Tobacco Businesswoman of the Year
    Karen Berger
    Don KiKi

    Tobacco Businessman of the Year
    Brian Desind
    Privada Cigar Club

    Legacy Award
    Jonathan Drew
    Drew Estate

    The upcoming July/August 2021 issue of Tobacco Business will highlight many of this year’s winners with exclusive interviews and stories. In addition, Tobacco Business will be revealing its 2021 Top 24 Cigars of the Year in the next issue, with the ranking based on the votes each cigar received in the Tobacco Business Awards. If you are not yet a subscriber, click here to sign up for a subscription.